DIY/GYN is the story of a near-future underground medical community that arises in the wake of misogynistic health care policies and teaches women how to hack their health care using everyday objects and emerging technology.

Using tongue-in-cheek language, innovative thinking, and maker-space resources, DIY/GYN reflects on what our current struggles surrounding reproductive and sexual health care are and what they could become.

This website, frames the narrative. It's where women in this future come together to share their inventions and learn how to take care of their health. It will soon also be available as a TOR hidden service page, the digital version of being "underground". As a TOR hidden service page, the website anonymizes anyone who visits, allowing women in this speculative future to safely access and disseminate information without fear of arrest. You can think of it as part instructables, part our bodies ourselves, part silk road.

As Audre Lorde writes, self-care is an act of a political warfare.

In a very literal way, DIY/GYN demonstrates how maintaining one's health is a method of resistance in the face of an oppressive government.

While is a speculative project, it is important to remember that lack of access to reproductive and sexual health care is a current reality for many people and that many different bodies constantly show acts of resistance in the present, simply through existing.

Explore the website, learn about the project, and find ways that you too can contribute to making a difference right now, so none of us will have to stick a raspberry pi in our vagina.

If you have questions, email